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07/25/2022: A Windows 8.1 OS EoL (End-of-Life) "Splash Screen" shows up on a Production Machine at a Client's Site. Windows 8.1 Official EoL Date will happen on 01/10/2023 --- ECS Staff


07/09/2022: More Web-Site Updates Coming Soon. Stop Back By Later On. --- ECS Staff


07/06/2022: Notice To Internet Explorer Users: Internet Explorer Was Officially "Retired" Last Month. Official Notice Screenshot shown here:

This Occurred while installing a Brand New HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 Printer for a Client. The Installation Program designed by Hewlett-Packard for Windows-based Systems is Hard-Coded to work with I.E. by Default, no matter *what* your Default Browser Settings are. That is real Smart, H.P...

Most people no longer use Internet Explorer as their Default Web Browser. Most, if not all, have migrated to Mozilla Firefox -or- Opera Browser (or some Chrome-based Equivalent). Even if You are still using Internet Explorer, this is Official Notice that IE is no longer Supported.

---ECS Staff


06/09/2022: Minor Revisions To Web-Site. As Always Our Employees Stand By To Help Our Customers -&- Clients Defend Their Businesses -&- Residential Accounts Against "The Bad Guys" --- ECS Staff


05/21/2022: Our Tribute To CW McCall has been Archived and can now be Downloaded. Download it <here>. What a Wonderful Song As Well As An Artist to Come Into Our Lives... <ECS Staff>


04/02/2022: It Is With Great Sadness That ExcellCSI Staff Was Alerted To The Passing Of CW McCall Yesterday. This Great Superstar Sang The Song "Convoy" From 1975. It Was A Staple Of Everyone At ExcellCSI (Expecially Our Owner Who Got Back Into CB Radio In The Year 2020). We Are All Shocked As "CW" Kept His Cancer Situation Private From The General Public. RIP, CW McCALL.....

CW McCall Death Notice


04/01/2022: The Next Generation Of Firefox Carries Stiffer System Requirements. Make Sure Your IT Staff Is Aware Of This. If They Have Been Doing Their Due Diligence On Keeping Their Machines Up-To-Date, Then Nothing Should Go Wrong, As (KB#4474419) Will Be Already Installed. It Will Be A Requirement For Firefox # 100 To Run On Windows 7/8.0 Workstations (Which Are Officially Unsupported By Microsoft)... <ECS Staff>

See Here: Firefox-100-Requires-The-Windows-Update-KB4474419-On-Windows-7-OS..pdf

URL Link For Firefox 100 Info (Coming In May Of 2023):

-ECS Staff


03/28/2022: "MyPal" Is The Only Web Browser Still Being Actively Supported For Windows XP:

If You Know Anyone Still Running SeaMonkey, Please Spread The Word About "MyPal". ECS Highly Recommends Users Still Running Windows XP Switch From SeaMonkey To MyPal ASAP.

Get The Latest Version Of MyPal Here:

MyPal WebSite Link/URL

-ECS Staff


01/09/2021: ExcellCSI.com Staff Have Been Busy Upgrading Client's Microsoft Office Suites. Microsoft Office 2010 "Quietly" Went End-Of-Life While We Also Helped One Of Our Clients Relocate Their ENTIRE Small Business Inside Of Center City, Charlotte in a Matter of HOURS!!!

If Your SMB or Employer is still running Microsoft Office 2010 Software (and it does not matter what Level it is - Home, HaB, Professional, Professional+) etc, then it is Past Time to Upgrade your Microsoft Office Product. ExcellCSI.com can help with this Process.

We have the Absolute BEST Vendors/Resellers when it comes to getting YOU the Best Price when it comes to a Microsoft Office Software Upgrade!!! Contact us today for more Information... <-=ECS Staff=->


09/03/2020: Minor Updates To Web-Site.


01/10/2017: A Belated "Happy New Year" To ExcellCSI Staff, Customers, And Business Clients. Let's Hope It's The Best One Yet!!! --- ECS Staff


12/14/2016: Yahoo! Officially Announces Over *1 BILLION* Accounts Compromised Back In August Of 2013. The BIGGEST DATA BREACH Yet. If You Want To Read About It - You Can Click Here To See The Official Announcement. NOT TOO GOOD!!! --- ExcellCSI.com Staff


11/25/2016: Firefox-Compatible Software Producer ''Pale Moon'' Officially Ends Support For Windows XP. You Can Read About It Here. If You Know Anyone Still Running Windows XP Circa 2016, Please Advise Them That Mozilla Firefox Is Now Their ONLY CHOICE For An Up-To-Date Web Browser. Also Advise Them To Consider Malwarebytes AntiMalware 3.0 As A Good Anti-Virus/Spyware App --- ExcellCSI.com Staff


02/20/2016: Thinking Of Scrapping Your Current Laptop/Desktop Computer & Getting A New One? Consider This: Your Old Computer That You Have Depended On For All These Years KNOWS... YOU!!!

Yes, Not Properly Disposing Of Your Old Computer Could Lead To An IDENTITY THEFT! Here At ExcellCSI.com, We Can Advise You How To Safely Plan Your Computer Migration From Old Computer -to- New Computer. We Have The Software Tools For The Migration (Which Are Provided Free Of Charge) As You Plan For Your New Machine. For More Info, Be Sure To Give Us A Ring/E-Mail! ---- ECS Staff


02/14/2016: Here Is An Item We Forgot To Post To Our News Site. ORACLE Is In The Progress Of KILLING OFF The JAVA Plug-In!!! Read About It Here. Support For Running Web-Browser Plug-Ins Has Been Waning Over The Last Year, As Evidenced By This As Well As This Also. It Is Our Opinion That This Move Is The Right One To Make Going Forward, And Should Reduce The Amount Of Malware And Other Junk The Bad Guys Continue To Try And Peddle. <-=ECS Staff=->


01/25/2016: A Belated "Happy New Year" To ExcellCSI Staff, Customers, And Business Clients. Here's To A HAPPY NEW YEAR! - ECS Staff


06/01/2015: So It Starts: Windows 10 Icons Now Showing Up In Customer's -&- Client's System Trays On Windows 7/8.1. White Windows Icon On Far Left Of System Tray. This Is What It Looks Like:


Our Advice At This Point? As A ''Windows-10-Preview-Program-Participant'' (This Process Was Formally Called Being A Software ''Beta Tester''), We've Seen Mixed Results In-House Here At ECS. 50% Good, 50% Bad. Either REALLY GOOD, Or MAJOR HORRIBLE (''Paper-Weight'' Laptop As A Result On The Bad Side). Home Users Will Probably Want To Go Ahead And Upgrade. Corporate And Enterprise Users... Well That Is A Whole Other Ballgame.

More Info Can Be Seen Here: <Creepy-Icon-Is-It-Real> (Source: Gizmodo) -&- Windows 10: What Do We Gain, What Do We Lose <Gains-&-Loss, But Definite Changes> (Source: The Verge) ----- ECS Staff



01/19/2015: A Belated "Happy New Year" To ExcellCSI Staff, Customers, And Business Clients. Here's To A HAPPY NEW YEAR! - ECS Staff


11/25/2014: ATTENTION CHARLOTTE, N.C. SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS --- The Attorney General Says A Scammer (They Politely Refer To Them An ''Impersonator''!) Is Calling (Particularly) On Charlotte Small Businesses And Telling Them Power Will Be Cut To Their Place Of Business Unless An ''Immediate Payment'' Is Made. There Is Just One Problem --- They Aren't With Duke Energy; They Aren't Who They Say They Are In The Very Least. Not At All-----It Is A SCAM!! Read The Article Here, And Be Prepared Should Your Small Business Be Targeted. (Source: The Charlotte Business Journal) ---- Official Notice Posted: North Carolina Department Of Justice Press Release Here (Source: NCDOJ)

UPDATE: The Following Charlotte, N.C.-Based Numbers Are Currently Being ''Spoofed" By The Scammers (Attempting To Call ''Them'' Back Yields A ''Not-In-Service'' Message):


11/24/2014: It Seems SCAMMERS Are Popping Up In The Charlotte Area. Or At Least Targeting The City Of Charlotte. First We Have A Charlotte Pastor, Who Was Scammed Out Of Approximately $ 16500.00. Why Would He Publicly Disclose This Potentially Embarrassing Situation? Simple - Awareness. He Wants You And The People You Know To Be On The Lookout For Criminal Acts Like This. Read The Article Here, And Know The Signs Of A SCAM In The Making. --- ECS Staff (Source: The Charlotte Observer)


11/22/2014: Apple Blocks Flash Player On Its Mac Computers. Get It For Mac (-or- PC) --- You Will Need Version, To Correct This Matter. Read The Article Here (Source: The MacObserver) --- ECS Staff


10/22/2014: Microsoft Issues ''New 0 DAY Attack (Unless You Still Run Windows Server 2003)''. Here Is Another Example Of ''Newer Is Not Always Better'' --- Microsoft Issues Warning On New 0 Day Attack, Which Seems To Target ALL Supported Versions Of Windows. Except... For Windows Server 2003. Seems This OS Is Unfazed By The Latest Threat. Read The Article Here --- ECS Staff (Source: CSOOnline)


10/22/2014: Well The Timing On This One Is Interesting. US-CERT Issues New Notification To Be On The Lookout For CryptoLocker. Read The Announcement Here. And Be Sure To Follow Standard OPs Such As Not Opening E-Mail From Unknown Sources. --- ECS Staff (Source: US-CERT)


10/22/2014: Cryptolocker Sighting! Now Here Is An Article With A ''Real World'' Case Of Cryptolocker Putting A Radio Station Out Of Business. They Were Running Windows XP (Which Some Consider A ''Fail'' After XP's Retirement In April Of This Year), However They Were Running With NO VIRUS PROTECTION To Boot! Can You Say, ''Trouble Waiting To Happen''? Sure, We Knew Ya Could! Read The Article Here --- ECS Staff (Source: www.radioinsight.com)


10/22/2014: ExcellCSI Support Staff Was Recently Contacted To Work On An iPad. The Owner Had Upgraded To iOS 8.0 And The Upgrade Program Crashed Halfway Through The Process. ALERT! Seems Apple Is Having ''Issues'' With Its iOS Software. iOS 8.1.0 Was Issued Yesterday. Did It Fix The Problem? Sort Of, But It Created Other Problems And There Are Definitely Unhappy Users Out In Cyberspace! iOS 8.1.0 Upgrade Should Not Be Done At This Time - Read About The Problems Here. And... Tell Your Friends And Relatives NOT To Upgrade To iOS 8.x.x Until It's Safe To Do So!!! --- ECS Staff (Source: www.gottabemobile.com)


10/16/2014: Excell Is Pleased To Present: ''The State Of Infections For 2014". It's A Good Read, And Shows That You CAN ''Make A Difference'' Against The Bad Guys! (Source: Damballa -&- CSO Magazine) --- ECS Staff


06/04/2014: Interesting - News About Cryptolocker - Seems Some Servers Were Taken Down In Canada, Ukraine And Kazakhstan. Read About It Here .... YEAH!!! - ECS Staff


05/29/2014: Well This, Too Is Interesting --- It Seems Some ''Power Users'' In Germany Have Circumvented Microsoft's Attempt To Squelch Windows XP Support. While It Is Interesting That This ''Works'' (For NOW), Please Be Advised That Tampering With XP In The Manner Discussed Leads An Individual And/Or A Business Way Out Into ''Uncharted Territory''. ECS Continues To Recommend You Migrate Away From Windows XP... <-=ECS Staff=->


05/29/2014: CHINA BANS Windows 8!!! Seriously? Sort Of. If You Are Interested You Can Click The Link And Read All About It --- ECS Staff


05/29/2014: Well It Took Some Time, But E-Bay Finally Notified Its Users That YOU NEED YOUR PASSWORDS CHANGED! Read All About It Using The Link That We Have Provided. And Then Be Sure To Go And Change Your E-Bay (eBay?) Password --- ECS Staff


04/25/2014: ALERT: Opera *12* Users At Risk Of ''Heartbleed Bug'' - Upgrade NOW!!! Opera 12.17 (EN/US) Can Be Downloaded Here.... --- ECS Staff


04/24/2014: By Now, You've Probably Heard Of The Term "Heartbleed" On Some Of The Mainstream TV And News Outlets. However, They Might Not Have Given You A Good, Verbose, Description Of Just What It Is, Or Of Its Ramifications Should It Go Untreated (Which It Won't). The Folks Over At MalwareBytes.org Will Give You A Good Description Here. If You Want More Info After That, Just Visit Here... --- ECS Staff


04/15/2014: Before You Go Thinking Twice About Going Straight To Windows 8 (From Windows XP), You Might Want To Read This Article Here (Source: eWeek). Some ExcellCSI Clients Have Had Successful Migrations While Others Haven't. It Might Be More Prudent To Upgrade To Windows 7 For Now, And Possibly Windows 9 Three Years From Now --- ECS Staff.


04/07/2014: ALERT! WINDOWS XP EoL ALREADY?!? A Client Called US To Report The Following. It Was 04-07-14, And It Was 10:00pm EST. Microsoft Was Not Supposed To Send Notices Out Until 04-08-14. ECS Does Not Know MSFT's Logic At The Moment.



04/01/2014: Read All About IT ---- 6 Reasons Why You Should Stop Running Your Company's Windows XP (Source: Charlotte Business Journal)



The Sun Is Setting On Windows XP...

04/01/2014: No April Fool's Joke - Windows XP Continues To Be In The News. The Fact-Of-The-Matter Is That April 08 Is EoL For XP. There Will Be Those That Take Their Chances - Read About It Here (Source: EWeek & Avast). ECS Recommends ALL BUSINESSES OFF XP BY APRIL 08! --- ECS STAFF


03/25/2014: ALERT! WINDOWS XP END-OF-LIFE DRAWS NEAR!! Did You See The Following On Your Desktop Workstation Upon A Recent Reboot?:

It's Time To Say Goodbye To Windows XP...

This Means That Your Windows XP OS Will Go "End-of-Life" Soon, AKA "End-of-Support". Microsoft Has Indicated It Is Time For The OS To Retire.

Do You Have Questions About This? If So, Then See This File... ECS Staff Are Here For Assistance, Questions -&- Options...... <ECS Staff>


12/10/2013: TODAY is MICROSOFT PATCH TUESDAY! Patches For MSFT's OS -&- OFFICE SUITE Are Needed. Also, An Adobe FLASH PLAYER PATCH Was Released Today. New Version: Flash v. 11.9.900.170 --- ECS Staff


11/13/2013: ALERT: MICROSOFT Warns Users Away From SHA-1 And RC-4. Click Here: <...> . In An Effort To Protect And Inform Users, Microsoft Issues This Announcement (SOURCE: Kaspersky Threatpost).


11/13/2013: ALERT: US-CERT Issues Updated Announcement On CryptoLocker Ransomware. For Those Of You Fortunate Enough To Not Have Come Into Contact With This Junk, Click Here <...> To Read About What It Is (And How To Possibly Avoid The Infection)...




09/18/2013: ALERT! September 2013 Is Not Looking Too Good For Microsoft Patches, As Microsoft Once Again Scrambles To Fix Problems Caused By The Latest Updates. <...> This Time, The Microsoft Update Program Kept Asking For The Patches To Be Deployed EVEN THOUGH THEY ALREADY WERE! Microsoft Has Released A Fix To Address This... (SOURCE: zdnet) ... <ECS Staff>


09/18/2013: ALERT! MICROSOFT PATCHES FOR OUTLOOK 2013 BREAK THE FOLDER PANE! <...> The Old Phrase "Newer Is Not Always Better" Comes To Mind. Count On Excell Computer Systems To "Have Your Back" When It Comes To IT-Related Issues That Might Impact Your Business... (SOURCE: zdnet) ... <ECS Staff>


08/21/2013: COOL! Just Arrived Is A White-Paper You Can Share With Your CEO, CIO, CTO And Anyone At Your Business That Is Still Contemplating Resisting The Pending XP/Server 2003 Crisis. We Now Share It With You <...> - ECS Staff


08/21/2013: Now This Borders On Being Humor And Being Serious. Reports Computerworld:

Computerworld - Microsoft yesterday warned Windows XP customers that they face never-patched, never-dead "zero-day" vulnerabilities if they don't dump the 12-year-old operating system before its April 2014 retirement deadline. Call them the "walking dead" of vulnerabilities. Call it XP Z -- "Z" for zombies.

ECS Staff wonders if someone has been watching The Walking Dead too many times. Then again, if you read the whole article, they do provide some evidence to back this claim.

Here Is The URL <...> and a Digital Archive Is Here <...>.


08/17/2013: Now Here Is An Accident Waiting To Happen - THE INTERNET LIGHT BULB?!? Seriously. If You Create It It Can Be Hacked - Full Article Here <...>.


08/16/2013: Microsoft Has Released Office 2010 - Service Pack 2 (SP2). ECS Encourages All Clients To Upgrade Immediately. Contact Us If You Need Assistance With This. - ECS Staff


08/14/2013: ALERT! MICROSOFT PATCHES FOR ''PATCH TUESDAY'' Released Yesterday. Your Company NEEDS Them Deployed ASAP!! Contact Us If You Need Help Getting Those Patches Deployed... <ECS Staff>

Also Worth Noting:

Microsoft Fixes ASLR-DEP Bypass Bug:

<Read Archived File Here>

And BIND DNS Vulnerability Enables DNS Poisoning Attack:

<Read Archived File Here>

And Lastly Microsoft August Patch Details:

<Read Archived File Here>

Source: Kaspersky Threatpost


07/29/2013: Worried About Approaching Your Chief Executives About The Pending XP And Office 2003 Crisis? Download-&-Print This Article Out, Which Shows That Continuing To Support XP-Based Workstations & Laptops Actually Costs 5X More Than Windows 7!!! - ECS Staff


07/29/2013: ANNOUNCEMENT!!! MICROSOFT ANNOUNCES END-OF-SUPPORT FOR WINDOWS XP -&- OFFICE 2003 SOFTWARE. Support For The Aging OS & Nearly Defunct Office Suite Will Officially End On 04-08-14. We Advise Our Clients (Most Of Which Are Heeding Our Advice) To Not Wait Until Next April For Their Business' Migration Away From XP And O2k3. We Have Already Seen Problems That Can Come Up With Windows 7 & Windows 8... -----ECS Staff


07/29/2013: ExcellCSI.Com Staff Have Been Busy During The "Early Days Of Summer", As Evidenced By A Lack Of Web-Site Updates. We Actually Rebuilt The Web Server In Between Two Big Projects For Clients. Web Server Performance Is Much Better Now. Today Are Minor Updates To The Site, Such As Providing Support For Large Screen/Monitors..... ECS Staff.


08/22/2012: ALERT! Fake Flash Player, Laden With Malware, Making Rounds: Scammers have already begun to take advantage of Adobe’s recent decision to remove its Flash Player from Android’s Google Play marketplace. Last week's removal has prompted scammers to start promoting fake versions of the software to unsuspecting smartphone owners. While researching the scamware, security firm GFI Labs uncovered a separate fake version of the Flash Player that's not only bogus but an SMS Trojan that comes bundled with adware.

<...> Source: Kaspersky ThreatPost

<...> Digital Archive Is Here.

--- ECS Staff


08/22/2012: ALERT! Crisis Trojan Makes Its Way Onto Virtual Machines. This Is A First - Prior To This Threat, A Virtual Machine (VM) Was Considered As Safe Or Even More Safe Than A Physical Machine. This Trojan Changes The Rules. It Is An Interesting Piece Of Code.

<...> Source: Kaspersky ThreatPost

<...> Digital Archive Is Here.

---ECS Staff


08/21/2012: ALERT! SMSZombie Malware Infecting Android Devices, Stealing Money: A nasty new piece of malware that has the ability to steal money from users' via fraudulent SMS payments has shown up in a Chinese Android market and researchers say it's infected more than 500,000 victims. The SMSZombie malware is being hidden inside apps on the app market and once it's on a device it has the ability to prevent users from uninstalling it. The SMSZombie malware targets Android devices and uses a flaw in the SMS payment system used by China Mobile to forward payments to the attacker without the user's knowledge. Researchers at TrustGo, a mobile security company, found that the malware is hiding inside of various apps on the GFan Android market in China and once users download an infected app, the SMSZombie malware attempts to gain administrator-level privileges on the device!

<...> Source: Kaspersky ThreatPost

<...> Digital Archive Is Here.

---ECS Staff


08/20/2012: ALERT! FBI "Moneypack" RANSOMWARE Showing Its Ugly Head. ECS Has Noticed An Uptick Of Clients Reporting Workstations That Have Been Compromised With This Ransomware Junk. From Our Research, There Are 3 Levels To This Ransomware. Level I Being The Easiest To Thwart And Level III Being The Hardest To Eradicate. ECS Can Help Mitigate Against This Threat. Here Are Some Screenshots Of What It Looks Like:

Moneypak - Version 1.0 (Language: US):

Moneypak Version 2.0 (Language: US)

Note That The Cybercriminals Don't Stop With Just The USA. Other Versions Are Available For Other Victims Of Other Countries.

Moneypak - German Version:

So How Do The Criminals Know Which Version To Deploy? They Can Take Your Internet Protocol (IP Address) And Figure It Out.

It Gets Even Better --- Hijacking Adobe Flash, The Criminals Can Take Over Your Webcam And Microphone! They Definitely Make The Threat Seem Very Real, Especially To Those Who Are Not Computer-Savvy.

Do NOT Send/Wire Money To Them Under Any Terms Whatsoever!


08/20/2012: ExcellCSI.Com Staff Have Been Busy During The "Dog Days Of Summer". Some Clients Have Gotten Server Upgrades/Replacements While Others Have Signed Up For Cloud Services From Several ISV's. ECS Will Update Its News Page This Week.


04/05/2012: ALERT: APPLE MAC ATTACK !!! Virus Targets APPLE Macintosh Computers. Over 500,000 Already Infected. The Day Of "Apple Not Needing AntiVirus Software" Has Come & Went. APPLE COMPUTER Users Be Wary !!!!




03/20/2012: ALERT: Microsoft "Patch Tuesday" Patches For March, 2012 Need To Be Deployed As Quickly As Possible. News Broke That Attack Code Surfaces For Microsoft RDP Vulnerabilities. SOURCE: SearchSecurity.com



01/11/2012: Adobe Has Released Their Patches For Acrobat Reader 9, And Acrobat Reader 10. Also, 01/10/2012 Was Microsoft's "Patch Tuesday". The Updates Center Around The "Windows Operating System". The "Office Suite" Has No Patches For 01/2012.... {ECS Staff}...


01/03/2012: ExcellCSI.Com Wishes EVERYONE A SAFE, HAPPY NEW YEAR! ExcellCSI.Com Continues To Assist Clients Of All Types (And Sizes) With Their On-Going Security Needs. Speaking Of Which, Microsoft Has Released An OUT-OF-BAND Patch For All Versions Of Their ".NET Framework". The Official Write-Up Is Here:




08/30/2011: ALERT: MORTO WORM!!! A New Worm Goes After Microsoft Windows OS'es. It propagates via RDP. If Your Business uses RDP, Make Sure Extra Steps Are Taken To Prevent This Worm From Wreaking Havoc On Your Business Servers. The Write-Up Is From Kaspersky Labs:



06/15/2011: Here Are The Latest Security Headlines - This Time, Complements Of Kaspersky's Threatpost:

Adobe Has Issued Patches For Security Vulnerabilities In The Following Products: Acrobat, Reader, Flash -&- Shockwave. For More Details See The Archive:


Microsoft Has Issued Numerous Patches For Its Products, Including Windows & Office. For More Details See The Arhive Here:


LulzSec Has Hacked Into The Senate Website. No Data Was Compromised. Read The Article Here:


--- ECS Staff...


05/24/2011: SCAREWARE ALERT!!! Ironically, This Is Mainly For APPLE MacIntosh USERS, But Also For Windows PC Users As Well.

The Article Can Be Downloaded From Here:


Source: Computerworld


04/29/2011: ALERT: DroidDream! Read Up On This Malware For The Google Android OS For SmartPhones, And Be Aware Of What It Can Be Capable Of (The Whitepaper Is Compliments Of Kaspersky Labs).

The Article Can Be Downloaded From Here:



04/26/2011: News Articles. See Them Here:

Sony Says Hacker May Have Stolen Playstation User's Data:


Source: WashingtonPost.com


SETI Institute To Shut Down Alien-Seeking Radio Dishes:


Source: MercuryNews.com...


-ECS Staff


04/14/2011: U.S. Targets Computer Network Used in ‘Massive’ Hacker Fraud April 14, 2011, 12:05 AM EDT More From Businessweek <SNIP>

April 14 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. Justice Department said it disabled a “massive fraud scheme” that infected more than 2 million computers worldwide with malicious software. The department filed a civil complaint, criminal seizure warrants and issued a temporary restraining order in coordinated action with Microsoft Corp., which issued a software patch April 12 to correct a vulnerability in its Windows operating system. The vulnerability allowed the software to spread from one computer to another creating a so-called botnet. The action was aimed at software called Coreflood, which collects passwords and financial information that was used by criminals, the Justice Department said in a statement yesterday. The group of computers infected with Coreflood, known as the Coreflood botnet, is suspected by the U.S. of operating for almost a decade and infecting more than 1.8 million computers in the U.S. alone. SOURCE: BUSINESSWEEK.

<.....> Original Site

Digital Archive (PDF) Can Be Found Here: <.....>


04/07/2011: Microsoft Announces "Patch Tuesday" Will Have *64* PATCHES For 04/12/2011:

Read The Original Article Here (Source: Computerworld):

<read original here>

Digital, PDF Archive File Is Here:

<read digital archive here>


04/05/2011: LizaMoon SQL Injection Attack Hits Websites --- Hundreds of Thousands of Website URLs have been Compromised in a Massive Malware Attack that tries to trick people into buying Fake Anti-Virus Software to remove Bogus Infections, Security Experts said. It has been dubbed LizaMoon. Read More Below (Digital Archive File):

<read here>


04/05/2011: Epsilon Data Breach Hits U.S. Bank, TiVo, Chase, Others --- Customers of TiVo Inc, JPMorgan Chase & Co, Walgreen Co, Ritz-Carlton, U.S. Bank and a Number of other Major Brands were warned over the weekend that Hackers may have their E-mail Addresses and some other personal information, thanks to a massive data breach at Epsilon. Read More Below (Digital Archive File):

<read here>


04/05/2011: Social-Media Tools Used To Target Corporate Secrets --- Not Long after Airstrikes began in Libya earlier this month, certain Attorneys at four U.S. Law Firms, known for having High-Profile Clients in the Oil Industry, each received a personally addressed e-mail message. Each message carried an Adobe PDF Attachment. Each Lawyer clicked on the Attachment. But.. the PDF was actually pre-set to deliver a quick-acting Computer Intrusion. Read More Below (Digital Archive File):

<read here>


02/28/2011: Introducing... "Weather At A Glance"! While You're Checking To See "What's New" In The Charlotte Area, You Can Also Get A Quick Glimpse At The Current Weather Conditions... --- ECS Staff



02/28/2011: And So It Begins - TROJAN-ALERT!!!! ANDROID SMARTPHONE USERS- Heads-Up! New Trojan ("There's An APP For That 'Android.Pjapps'") Will Hijack Your Android's SMS Ability (Send Out Text Messages Via Your Phone, Leaving YOU To Foot The Bill!:


Computerworld - A rogue Android app that's been tweaked by hackers can hijack a smartphone and run up big texting bills before the owner knows it, Symantec said today. The cyber criminals grabbed a copy of Steamy Windows, then added a backdoor Trojan horse - "Android.Pjapps" by Symantec's label -- to the app's code. The reworked app is then placed on unsanctioned third-party "app stores" where unsuspecting or careless Android smartphones find it, download it and install it. "This one stands out," said Thakur on Monday. "It's pretty comprehensive in what it's doing."

Read More About It Here {Archived}: <...> ......... (Source: Computer World) --- ECS Staff



01/31/2011: Major Software Patch Announcements From Software Vendors Over The Last Month. If Your Company Is Not Doing Automatic Updates, Please Have Your Computer And IT Solution Provider Do Them. They Should Be Automatic These Days ----- Contact Us For More Details!!! ---- ECS Staff..


10/31/2010: There Are Critical Software Patches From All The Software Vendors. Our Clients & Customers Need To Upgrade. On Another Note... We Upgraded Our Internet Connection. Everyone Using Our Site Should Reap The Benefits. :-) Lastly, We Just Read That Spam MIGHT Be On The Decline... If In Any Way, Shape Or Form Possible. Click <read here> To Read About It. Of Course, Those ECS Business-Class Clients Which Are Running CMS's "XE-Filter" Product Have Secured Their Domain, And Are Already Protected Against Spam From The Country Of Russia. Simply "BAN" That Country... And.... Poof! NO EMAIL FROM THAT PART OF THE WORLD!!! --- ECS Staff


08/15/2010: Per The "Norm" These Days, There Are Critical Updates From *ALL* Software Vendors - Microsoft Had Their "Patch Tuesday" Earlier This Week, With 14 To 18 Updates. ALL CLIENTS NEED THESE UPDATES. ALSO, "Java" (Now Property Of Oracle), Has An Update: 6.u.21. ECS Clients Need This Update As Well, As The ADOBE FLASH ( UPDATEs FOR Web Browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox. LASTLY: (1) New REAL PLAYER Update And (1) NEW iTUNES Software Update (9.2.1) Finally - There Is An Update For Mozilla FireFox: 3.6.8. ECS Clients Need This As Well! For More Information, Please Contact ECS Product Support Services. We Will Help Get You/Your Business Updated. Kind Regards ------ <ECS Staff>...


07/17/2010: There Are Software Patches From All The Software Vendors. Microsoft Has Patches, Adobe Has "Acrobat" Patch # 9.3.3. Opera Web Browser Is Currently At 10.60, And Real Player Is At Mozilla Firefox Is At Version 3.6.6. Please Make Sure To Get These Important Patches For Your Computer... -ECS Staff..


07/01/2010: Time Warner, Our ISP, Had Reported Problems. Said Problems Led To An Outage Of Epidemic Proportions, The Likes Of Which Have Never Been Seen In This Area. The Outage Originally Started On Friday, June 25th. TWC Has Been Aggresively Working To Correct The Problem, And Today, July 1st, 2010 Is The First Sign Things Are Coming Back. We Apologize For Any Inconvenience Caused By Changes Related To The TWC Network. Regards.... ECS Staff.


05/19/2010: There Are New Patches For All Vendors: Microsoft (Windows/Office ("Patch Tuesday"), Adobe Acrobat 9.3.2, Sun Java 6.u.20, Opera 10.53, Apple Quicktime 7.6.6. Real Player Is Now At Mozilla FireFox At 3.6.3. Please Make Sure To Get These Important Patches For Your Computer... -ECS Staff.


02/24/2010: There Is A Patch For Adobe Acrobat, To Thwart The Latest Threats Posed. It Can Be Downloaded From Here: <..>... ECS Staff


02/20/2010: Patches From Many Software Vendors Have Been Issued For The Month Of February. Microsoft Has Patches For Their Operating Systems And Office Suites. Sun's Current Release Of Java Is 6.u.18. Adobe's Acrobat Is At Version 9.3.0. Mozilla Has A FireFox Update: 3.5.8. Apple's QuickTime Is At 7.65. Real Player Is At Make Sure To Get These Important Patches For Your Computer... -ECS Staff.


12/17/2009: Happy Holidays To All Of Our Clients & Vendors. To All Of Our Friends In Banking, And To All Who Allow/Play A Part In Excell Computer Systems' Ability To Continue To Serve. As The Curtain Falls On 2009, We Join Everyone In Looking Towards A Prosperous New Year In 2010. Stay Safe On These Holidays, But Do Also Be Merry!!! - ECS Staff


12/17/2009: There Are Software Patches From All The Software Vendors - Microsoft (OS & Office Patches), Sun Java (6.u.17), Mozilla Firefox (3.0.16, 3.5.6), Apple QuickTime (7.6.5), RealPlayer (, Adobe Flash Player Bug-Fixes For IE/FF/Opera. There Is Also A Bug In Adobe Acrobat, Which Won't Get Corrected This Year. The Work-Around Is To Disable Java Support From Within Acrobat Reader.


11/16/2009: TROJAN-ALERT!!!! VERIZON WIRELESS CUSTOMERS - Heads-Up! Fake 'Balance Checker" Is A Trojan!!

Read The Alert Here (Click To View).

PDF Is Archived Here: <Original Article>

ECS Continues To Stress Heightened Awareness Over The Next Several Days, While "Anti App" Vendors Build Signatures For This Threat --- ECS Staff.


09/14/2009: ALERT: NYTimes Readers! Fake AntiVirus Found On Their Site - Read About It Here:

NY Times warns of rogue antivirus on Web site

Robert McMillan September 14, 2009 (IDG News Service)

Online scammers have apparently found a new way to reach their marks: They've started running ads on the Web site of The New York Times. The newspaper warned readers Sunday that so-called rogue antivirus sellers had been spotted on its Web site, NYTimes.com.

URL Is Here (Click To View):

PDFs Are Archived Here: <Original Article>, <Malware_Exposed>, <Malware_Flagged_1>, <Malware_Flagged_2>

Note To ECS Clients: The Latest Version Of Acrobat Reader Is 9.1.3. The Latest Version Of Mozilla FireFox Is 3.5.3. The Latest Version Of Sun Java Is 6.u.15. The Latest Version Of Opera Is 10.0. For Media Players: The Latest Version Of QuickTime Is 7.6.4. The Latest Version Of RealPlayer Is 11.1.3, And Windows Media Player Is: 11.0.5721.5268. Please Make Sure You Have These Latest Updates. IF YOU SUSPECT YOU'VE BEEN HIT, UN-PLUG YOUR ETHERNET CABLE AND CALL ECS ASAP! Time Is Of The Essence, And Can Make The Difference Between A Salvaged Machine And A Mandatory Rebuild. Thanks To Troy Davis, We Have Seen That The Malware Code That Was Discovered On The NYT Site Was Damaging-&-Destructive (Had It Not Been Stopped) As Evidenced In The <Malware> PDFs As Shown Above --- ECS Staff.


05/18/2009: Excell Computer Systems Has Noticed An Uptick In The Amount Of Malware/Spyware Infections For The Month Of April. As Always Practice Safe Computing Methods As Not Opening E-Mail From "People" You Don't Know, Don't Browse "Questionable" Web-Sites, And Keep Your Defense Shields Up. Your Defense Shields Should Include: A Firewall (Both A Hardware & Software One For Best Results), An Anti-VIRUS App, An Anti-SPYWARE/MALWARE App (Or An Anti-APP That Is A Good All-In-One(Covers All Types Of Threats)). In Addition, Make Use Of The Public, Free Offerings From Such Companies/Individuals As www.Malwarebytes.org, And There Is A Great VUNDO-FIXING Software At Atribune's Web-Site Stay Safe In '09!! - ECS Staff


03/04/2009: Judge Kicks Notorius Spammer Sanford Wallace Off Of Facebook. Now That Is An Interesting Read, Yet Very Un-Original: Spammers Going After Social Networking-Related Sites? Imagine That!!! --- ECS Staff


01/12/2009: There Are New Patches For The Products Stated Below - Firefox, Sun Java (6.u.11). ExcellCSI Recommends To Its Clients To Upgrade From Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.1.3 -To- 9.0.0, Along With The SpellingDictionary For 9.0.0. Please Let Us Know If You Need Help With These Patches. We Should Also Monitor The "W32.Downadup" Worm, As Symantec Has Rated This Risk Level "2", And Panda Software Has Changed Its Rating On This Worm To Risk Level "3". Practice SAFE COMPUTING; Keep Your Machine Up-To-Date!!! - ExcellCSI.com Staff


11/17/2008: There Are Software Patches From All The Software Vendors - Microsoft (OS & Office Patches), Mozilla Firefox (, Sun Java Version (6.u.10), Adobe Acrobat (8.1.3) & Flash. It Is Recommended All ECS Clients Apply Patches. If You Need Assistance With This Process, Please Contact Us For More Details. Regards --- ECS Staff.


11/05/2008: Yesterday Was ELECTION DAY, 2008 - We Hope Every US Citizen Exercised Their Right To VOTE. The Security Landscape Continues To Be In A Constant State-of-Change... MAKE SURE Your Anti-Virus/Spyware Software Is Up-To-Date. In Addition, If You Do *NOT* Have A HARDWARE-Based "FIREWALL", Then Do Consider Implementing A SOFTWARE-BASED One. Get In Contact With Us For More Details --- ECS STAFF.


07/25/2008: Introducing A New Background For The "news.html" Page. This Is Easier On The Eyes. For The Most Part, ECS Has Been Busy Patching Client's Computers With The Latest Round Of Security-Related Updates. Not All Has Gone According To Plan (This Always Makes For A Challenge To Deal With). Be Sure & Keep Your Computers 100% Up-To-Date So You're Protected From The Bad Guys! ---- ECS Staff


07/24/2008: ANTI-SPAM-UPDATE: Almost 4 Years Of Jail Time For Robert Soloway. Another Spammer, Eddie Davidson (Recently Escaped From Prison) Commits Suicide & Kills Entire Family. Now That Is Something - To Quote Another Anti-Spammer, "I'd call that a permanent LART". We Concur.


04/18/2008: Excell Will Be Upgrading Our Accounting PC This Year. A Hard Drive Upgrade Is Planned. ECS Relies Solely On Western Digital Brand Hard Drives. You Can't Beat Them On Price/Performance! From 2000 Through 2008, We've Had No Hard Drive Crashes To Speak Of. That Doesn't Mean Hard Drives Don't Go Bad - We've Been Fortunate. So How Do You Know When A Hard Drive Is Going Bad And Is On The Brink Of Failing? It's Simple If You Know What To Listen For. Hard Drives Make An Audible Sound As They Start To Reach The End Of Their Lifespan. The Worse Off The Drive Gets, The More Audible The Sound Is. To The Uneducated End-User, They Might Write This Off As Fan Going Out. When Caught In Time, There Are Options. ECS Works With Each Of Our Clients To Assess The Impending Hard Drive Failure. Depending On Age Of The Machine, Costs Of Repair, Etc, We Advise Clients Accordingly. We Have Special Tools That Can Help Migrate OS (Operating System) And User Data From The Old Drive To The New One (Some Call This "Cloning", Others Call It "Imaging"). No Matter What It Is Called, You Can Be Sure You're In Good Hands With ECS And Western Digital! (PS: Be Sure To Back Up Your Data With WDC's Passport, The Portable Hard Drive Of Choice For ECS!!)


04/17/2008: There Are Microsoft Security Patches (Most Of These Are Automatically Installed If You Have Automatic Updates Turned On), Sun Java Patches, Mozilla FireFox Patches, And Apple QuickTime Patches For April, 2008. Please Update Your Machines, Or Contact Us For An Upgrade. These Are Very Important Security Updates To Help Keep "The Bad Guys" Out Of Your Machine. Stay Safe In 2008!


03/31/2008: 2008, So Far, Has Turned Out To Be A Good Year For Nuking Spammers Off The Internet. First Off, We Have Robert Alan Soloway - You Can Read About Him Here And Another Article Here. Using Another's Computer Without Their Consent, To Do Anything, In Any Way, Shape Or Form, Is Theft. Plain And Simple - It Can't Be Spelled Any Different. Congrats On Taking Him Off The Internet. Let's Hope He Gets 20 Years For Spamming The Internet. Next Up, We Have Alan Ralsky. Anyone Who Is An Avid Spam-Fighter Knows What This Man (and His Name) Stand For. You Can Read Up On Alan Ralsky's Arrest Here. We Hope He Gets The Book Thrown At Him And His Cronies.


02/20/2008: PATCH TIME! Several PC-based Vendors Have Announced Critical Security Patches & Bug-Fixes For Their Products. The Vendors Are: Microsoft, Adobe, Sun, Mozilla, WinZip, and Skype. We Will Be Contacting Our Clients & Making Rounds To Get These Patches Deployed... - ECS Staff.


11/03/2007: US-Based Spammer Todd Moeller Gets 2 Years Jail Time For Sending Spam - Good Riddance !! - ECS Staff.


11/03/2007: Breaking News: Malware Targets Macintosh Computers ... The Old Adage Of "Because I'm On A Mac Means I Am Safe From Bad Guys" Is Coming To An End. With Apple's Computer Market Share Changing From 2% Of The Market To At Least 8% (And Counting), The Bad Guys Go After Them Also.


11/03/2007: There Is An Interesting Article On Daylight's Savings Time - You Can View It Here. Did You Know The Time Zones Were Initially Set Up Because Trains Started Crashing Into Each Other As Travel From The East Coast To The West Coast Became More Common? Read The Article, And Make Sure To Set Your Clocks Back An Hour On Sunday Morning. Also, ECS Was Featured In A Vendor's Product Upgrade. We Were An Early Adopter Of CMS's Product "XE-Filter" v2.0, And Installed It For Some Of Our Clients. Those Who Weren't Getting A Majority Of Spam Blocked Are Now Experiencing Increases Of 40%; Some Clients Have Decreased Their Spam Levels By 65 To 70% !!! - ECS Staff


09/29/2007: Excell Computer Systems Upgrades Its Network Infrastructure. A Gigabit Router Is On Order And And A Brand New E-Mail Server Is Up To Better Service ExcellCSI.com Employees And Its Clients. We Also Helped This Client With Moving Their Office To A New Location, And Setting Up A New File And E-Mail Server. And We All But Eliminated A Spam Problem For Another Client: 96% Blocked Currently !!


05/25/2007: Updated DNS-BL's (DNS Blacklists). We Have A 0% Tolerance For Spam And Boast A High Rejection Of Junk E-Mail. Added Some New DNS-BL's Accordingly. ECS To Our Clients: Helping To Defend YOUR Inbox!!


05/05/2007: Fixed Trend Micro Link On Virus News. It Had Stopped Working, Apparently Due To Changes At Trend. We Apologize For Any Inconvenience Caused. Also, By Popular Demand (From An Employee Of Excell's Largest Client), We Have Uploaded The Original InfoWorld Articles Which Show Excell Garnering Attention From InfoWorld's Millions Of Readers (Stop It, You're Making Us Blush! ;-)

URL Links To Articles (You Will Need Adobe Acrobat Reader To Open Them): INFOWORLD1.pdf, INFOWORLD2.pdf On These Links, You Will Read How ExcellCSI Introduced "FAT32 for Windows NT" To Brian Livingston And His Readers. The Advent Of Such A Sophisticated Product Meant Being Able To Put Off Windows NT Server Upgrades (At The Time, A Very Costly Thing To Do). The Second File Demonstrates That Contrary To Microsoft Statements, It Was Possible To Remove Internet Explorer From Windows 98. Why Would You Want To Do Such A Thing? Read The Article For Details. :)


05/04/2007: ExcellCSI.com Staff Have Been Busy Upgrading Client's Network Infrastructures. The First Thing To Note Is That Exchange 5.5 Is No Longer Supported By Microsoft. Neither Is Windows NT4 Server. Due To This, It Is Advised These Aging OS/Groupware Systems Get Upgraded A.S.A.P. At The Very Least, Be Sure To Put These Vulnerable Servers Behind A Firewall (Preferably A Hardware-Based Firewall If Possible)!! Also, Spam Sent Via E-Mail Continues To Be A Growing Problem. Spammer's Tactics Have Changed Over The Years. Which Means Your Existing SpamFilter May No Longer Be Adequate For Your Needs. Consult With ExcellCSI.com If This Is The Case. Please Note ExcellCSI.com Staff Have Been Very Busy With Anti-Spam Solutions For Some Of Our Clients - The Staff @ ExcellCSI.com.


11/03/2006: Corrected Grammatical Errors As Once Shown Below On May, 04th, 2005. Caught By: Us! Also Minor Cosmetic Changes To All Website URL'es - ECS Staff


11/03/2006: Here THEY GROW Again (Part II)! One Of Our Clients Needed More Space, And We Helped Them Move To The New Location This Week. As Always, We Are Glad To Help Our Clients Into "Bigger & Better" Buildings That Better Serve Their Needs. We Recently Helped Another Client Move - See Below.


10/31/2006: Here THEY GROW Again (Part I)! We Help One Of Our Clients Move To A New Location With More Than 2X More Space Than Their Old Location. At This Rate, They Hope This Will Sustain Their Business Over The Next 5 Years Or So. Growth Is Good, But Must Be Managed!


09/30/2006: Birthday Wishes & SpamFilter Update: We Participate In "Beta Testing" Of Vircom's Future Version Of "ModusGate". To Quote "Ash" From The Movie "Army Of Darkness": GROOVY!


06/30/2006: Due To Continued Bandwidth Needs, We Opted For A "Premium" Internet Package. Hopefully It Will Make The Web-Pages Load Faster...


04/06/2006: Corrected Invalid Link On Website. At This Time, We Want To Say "THANKS AGAIN" To Our Loyal Clients And Customers. It Is Our Goal To Keep ALL Clients And Customers Satisfied, While Bringing On NEW Clients And Customers As Well. - ECS Staff


03/09/2006: Corrected Bad URL Links On "news.html" File. Thanks To Those Who Pointed This Out - ECS Staff.


12/21/2005: Began To Prepare The New Web-Site. The Plan Is To Have It Up By The "Beginning Of Next Year". Sounds SO FAR Away!! The New Web-Site Will Have New Features, Plus A Huge Data Xfer Plan For The MP3/Xfer Problem.


06/27/2005: Began Helping One Of Our Clients, Greenline Corporation, Move Their Office And Computer System To A New Location. This Was A Project In And Of Itself, But We Were Up To It! What A Move!!


05/04/2005: "Gig-A-Bit Ethernet" Is Here! Excell Computer Systems Upgrades Its Internal Network In Charlotte, N.C. To "Gigabit Ethernet" (10X Faster Than 100-Base-T-Ethernet). The Network Is Now Cutting-Edge. ECS's Principal Owner Was Quoted As Saying, "This stuff is majorly fast! We transferred a 56mb file in about 05 seconds. This stuff rocks!" (not necessarily our choice-of-words, but we concur - the network is very fast internally)


12/08/2004: Updated Our Client-Referral Web-Site (websites.html). More Clients Are Listed Now.


10/11/2004: Here We GROW Again! Business Is Taking Off As We Take On 2 New CORPORATE Clients!!!. Also it should be noted that we had a chance to update the "WTC Tribute Page" Check it out!


12/04/2003: Added Links For Adobe Acrobat PDF Files to the ecsinthenews link.


11/11/2003: AOL USERS PLEASE NOTE: AOL will not accept e-mail from our domain. If you are AOL User you will need to obtain a free email account such as Yahoo or Hotmail to email us with. As a result of AOL's actions, we have blacklisted AOL as well. The feeling is mutual ;-)


09/19/2003: Since we've changed ISP's several times, we no longer have a "bandwidth" problem. We've re-opened the "WTC TRIBUTE" page. Note that some links external to our site may no longer be valid. 0911....... AMERICA REMEMBERS!!!


12/29/2002: Updated the Websites Link, To Show New Clients Added.


12/21/2002: Updated the WebSite with additions, such as the ECS In The News Page.


12/20/2002: Congratulations to our Client, GeniusBabies, on making Headlines at ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE, as well as the NEW YORK TIMES! All of GeniusBabies's Internal Computers are Built, Powered By, and Serviced by Excell Computer Systems. We are proud of how far GeniusBabies has come in such short amount of time, and are glad to be their Computer Hardware and Software Solutions Provider !!!


11/24/2002: Due to bandwidth limitations being imposed by our ISP, we have had to remove the WTC Tribute page and all its files. If you are looking for a song in particular, please e-mail us here. We apologize for the inconvenience.


11/29/2001: Congratulations to one of our Clients - Genius Babies, who appeared in the Winter 2001 Issue of Forbes Magazine! We are proud to say ECS is Their Complete Computer Solutions Provider !!! :-)


11/28/2001: Changed ISP's (Rather Quickly, And Without Notice). We apologize for any inconvenience caused. As our DNS changes propagate throughout the Internet, our web site should be reachable again.


10/11/2001: Set Up A Memorial Web Page As A Reminder Of The World Trade Center. Our Country Will Find Those Responsible, and deal with them accordingly.

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